Reclaimed redwood and driftwood, engraved with your favorite quotes, personal messages, wedding vows, and more.

We are voracious readers.

And we're always jotting down quotes; quotes that move and inspire us, quotes that make us think a little differently about the world and about our lives in it. Do you do the same?

Invariably, those quotes end up scribbled into our notebooks and underlined in old paperbacks on our shelves. We wanted to bring the best of them to life, to make them tangible, to give them space on our mantles.

So we decided to make use of the beautiful driftwood right here on San Francisco's awesome beaches by engraving our favorite quotes right into them.

The first few we did for ourselves and for our friends and they turned out great. Friends loved our first Vonneguts and David Foster Wallaces. They requested some Rilkes and they asked about Melvilles.

We realized then we should do our best to share these with everyone!

We create our pieces in a workshop in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood. We use a laser engraving and etching machine. It is astonishing and fun to see it in action. And gratifying to produce pieces we know will inspire someone out there.

So thanks for visiting our store. We'll keep reading and keep jotting and keep lasering. And if you have any ideas, please send them our way. We'd love to help with custom orders.

Michael and Matt
San Francisco, CA

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